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On the 20th March 2011 the people of Girvan celebrated the official opening of their community garden. As young children marvelled at the exciting new space for the first time there were others who couldn't believe the transformation of what was once a neglected and overgrown tree nursery.

Before we took over the area in 2006/07 it had lain derelict for over 30 years. We knew it had lots of potential and so we decided to ask the community what they thought of turning it into a community garden. The support was overwhelming.

As you can imagine there was lots to do to get the area into a state where we could start to design and plant. We relied heavily on volunteers who are the backbone of our community garden.


With the diggers on site and volunteers rolling up their sleeves, things soon progressed. In July 2010 we became part of the Beechgrove Garden Community Garden’s project. They came and filmed us and helped with our design ideas. It finally felt like we were really getting somewhere.

After all of the hard work it's wonderful to be able to open the garden up to so many different people. We relish the opportunity to promote gardening and other related activities particularly to those who are new gardeners and young children.

We are now a company limited by guarantee No. 358212 and a charity SCO40969 supporting community well-being and better health through gardening.


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